Two weeks ago I did an entry on the RM053, the polo watch from Richard Mille. While it is a pretty impressive piece of machinery it might not be the most practical or subtle watch. The RM027 can’t really add “subtlety” to it’s resume either but at least it’s less flamboyant than the RM053.

Richard Mille has since he first produced a tourbillion in titanium fought the perceived value of titanium being to light and not luxurious enough. However time is witness of RM watches being luxury impersonated, through means of combining lightness and high-technology.

One must really appreciate the complexity of a task such as designing a watch for a super athlete. Especially for one like Rafael Nadal where ANY change in his environment might translate into poor performance. By creating an alloy out of titanium and LITAL (lithium, aluminum, copper, magnesium and zirconium) Richard Mille was able to achieve a movement weight of just 3.83 grams. Thats right, 3.83 grams.

The watch weighs in at a total of 20 grams, giving it the ability to float on water. I could write a witty reference of Jesus walking on water here but I won’t. Suffice it to say that it is the first time a timekeeper has been on the wrist of a grand slam player.

Ella Ling / Richard Mille

If I were to compare this watch to a car it would have to be the legendary Ferrari F40. It so luxurious there isn’t any luxury left! After all it has been on the wrist of Rafa every game since he got it.