Seasonal Floral Watches for Women

This Spring witnesses a real floral trend sweeping the feminine time pieces section with floral watches becoming a centre element on the accessories front. The renowned brand Piaget reinvents itself in a remarkable way with rebirth and uniqueness being at the core of its new and exotic take on horology and jewellery. They bring beautiful and intricately-carved floral watches that are as exquisite as they are feminine – a truly awe-inspiringly breath-taking combination.

The ethereal beauty and eternal elegance of the rose is eloquently captured and portrayed in the fabulous Limelight Blooming Rose (starting from £33,700), which turns into an eight-petal rose when rotated on the wrist. This is truly one of the brand’s personal victories when it comes to creating a piece that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

piaget luxurious watches

In fact, the designer’s love for the queen of the flower kingdom shines through in Piaget’s Rose Passion collection with models starting from as little as £28,500. Every watch is carved with the highest attention to detail and boasts precious stones arranged jupon-style around the dial to mimic the silhouette of petals. The resulting effect from this high-quality craftsmanship is a naturalistic and gentle undulation to the bezel. The dial is made of cloisonné enamel and its trompe-l’oeil quality has been achieved through delicate needlework. Another fascinating feature the watches possess is the addition to the battery is the decorative-embellishment techniques with the grand name of micro-peinture a l’aiguille. The most mesmerizing feature of these time blooms is the delicate embroidery -one that perfectly captures and reflects femininity.

In another collection we see Chanel’s signature camellia on the dial of their new Mademoiselle Privé (priced at £59,000), which has a staggering impressionistic effect. Dior doesn’t fall far behind with their luminous Grand Ball series, where diamonds, tsavorites, opals, sapphires and mother-of-pearl are generously used to capture the flamboyance of the swishing ball gowns and abundant beauty of the floral world.

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