Sony’s new S90 4K is innovation at its finest

Two surprisingly voluptuous new additions to Sony’s 2014 TV range have just hit the market and they’re worth exploring in detail. Apart from boasting all the ‘must-haves’ of visual technology these days like 65-inch and 75-inch screens with native 4K resolutions, the new S90 TVs features an impressive twist – one that Sony calls ‘the perfect curve’. This feature encompasses a gentle bend to deliver Sony’s take on sort of concave screen format pioneered by LG and Samsung Electronics.

The Sony curve is not as immediately obvious as on the rival curved screens. While Sony has clearly felt the need to follow the lead of its Korean rivals in adding a curved-screen option, the company has definitely gone its own way in the way the curve is applied. The dedication to finding a level of curvature that delivers that extra sense of immersion and focus without making straight horizontal lines in images is clearly visible in the S90 4K . The less dramatic degree of curvature on the new model also allows for a wider angle of the images without distortion. Perhaps best of all is the reduction of the steepness of the curve, which means on-screen reflections are not distorted as significantly as they are on heavily curved TVs.

Sony has integrated a multi-angle speaker array into the S90s’ curved left and right edges, which produces a remarkably convincing ‘surround sound’ performance. Additionally this performance can be enhanced with one of Sony’s new TV-friendly subwoofers.

The best news is that the introduction of the curved screen hasn’t influenced negatively any other aspects of quality, performance and appearance. The brand’s Triluminos technology for enhancing colours, and its 4K X-Reality Pro processing for enhanced upscaling of non-4K sources are still available. Overall, the new S90 are memorable for not one but two components – the barely visible curve and the top-notch sound.

The 65 and 75-inch 4K Ultra HD TVs will be retailing for £3,900 and £7,300 respectively and will be available just in time for the holidays.