faberge watch

Spring trends in women’s watches

This Spring season has seen some dramatic suggestions from an array of renowned brans – showcased in this year’s edition of Baselworld – a surreal blend of Faberg’s technique, Jacob & Co.’s relentless quality and Hublot’s exuberance. 2015 saw the long-awaited comeback of worldwide famous brand Fabergé.

faberge watch

The brand introduced a spectacular time piece, conceived from e fleeting idea and a trip to the mystical Faraway East. Much like its signature creations – the watch is richly decorated with precious stones in an exuberant manner, but surprisingly manages to remain delicately feminine –a true work-of-art. The proud peacock, serving as the main element on the dial is intricately carved with the richly-adorned feathers falling down one at a time to indicate time.

jacob & co watch

Or as Jean-Marc eloquently put it “Women love complications, which is the reason behind the birth of a line that combines elements of Fabergé’s heritage with some interesting technical features.” Price for the stunning creation is available on request at any one of the brand’s boutiques.

Jacob Arabo has long had an undying passion for diamonds, which is the founding point behind Jacob & Co. The richly-adorned $18 million unique watch sports the spectacular number of over 20 diamonds of 3 carats encrusted on the bezel. It is as stylish as it is flamboyant, and its technical engineering is just as intricate and eye-catching as the exterior. For the 10th Anniversary of the Big Bang Hublot range, ten million limited editions of 10 paved pieces worth $1 million each will be released. Every piece is unique in colour variation.

hublot watch

There is no other piece that makes such a strong and bold statement as this one – every part of the watch is crafted in meticulous detail with an array of gems and precious metals used. Designed by none other than Pierre Salanitro himself – the piece is a true testament to the artist’s vision and ideal for timeless beauty.