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Sunseeker 40 Metre Yacht

Unrivalled Perfection on the High Seas: 40m Sunseeker Yachts

Sunseeker is a prestige brand in the truest sense of the word. The company has been designing and manufacturing luxury boats since 1979, and is the largest UK-based boat builder of its type.

The company produces boats of different specs, and sizes. There are 28m, 34m, 40m, 75m, 80m, 86m, 88m, and 155m models to choose from. Which you choose is largely down to the function you require the boat for, and how far your wallet will stretch. The 155m model costs in the region of £32m.

In this article we are going to take a look at the 40m model in all its opulent beauty.

This yacht is a true blue water cruiser, meaning you can enjoy the independence of cruising for extended periods. If you want to travel halfway across the world you can. The yacht can cruise at 25 knots, and has enough accommodation for up to 12 guests; in the kind of spacious and luxury environment befitting boat of this status.

There is accommodation and living space provision for a crew of 9 people, plentifully sufficient to enable smooth running of the vessel. There are also clever corridors and layouts to enable staff to traverse the ship discreetly, whilst they go about their duties.

The cabins come in different configurations, and afford ultimate luxury in the Master suite and guest rooms alike. They exude a sense of class, but maintain a homely and comforting ambiance.

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This really is a versatile, inspirational and seductive yacht, those are the words of Sunseeker not me, with 3 decks of lavish opulence and pragmatic comforts.

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As well as the standard living areas the votes come with a sky Lounge, a full gallery galley, separates dining areas, a lounge, a cocktail bar and a Jacuzzi.

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So much for one of these beauties cost you?

A 2013 model will set you back a cool £12.95 million excluding VAT. This is not a common man’s boat and nor has it a man’s price tag.

But… if you’re looking for a unique opportunity for true excitement through lavish extravagance, then a 40 m Sunseeker yacht should definitely be on your wish list.