The Chanel J12-365 watch

It’s not hard to guess why the new time piece from Chanel – their visually captivating J12-365 model – is called ‘the watch for all occasions’. Its effortless elegance and simple, clean and alluring design make it a perfect horology specimen.

Chanel J12-365 watch

The unique style is a blend of modern minimalism, impeccable engineering and stunning craftsmanship – the three things that have carved Chanel’s legacy into what the brand stands for today. TheChanel J12-365 black high-tech ceramic watch consists of beige gold -an alloy exclusive to Chanel – as well as a Guilloché-finished black dial with diamonds in the inner bezel and small seconds. It come in gold, ceramic and diamonds and is priced at £12,500.

Its built is just as impressive as its design with a self-winding mechanical movement and a 42-hour power reserve. It is water-resistant up to 100 metres and is made of highly scratch-resistant material.

Though Chanel were not the first to popularise ceramic watches, it is quite evident they have taken these pieces to a new level of sophistication and class through the creative blending of materials, creating one of the most important timepieces of this era.

Chanel J12-365 watch

The new beige gold – an alloy exclusive to Chanel – goes along nicely with the facelift the J12 range has received. While it is an 18k gold alloy or 75% pure gold in content – its unmatched elegance and subtle class make it perfect for those who don’t wish to attract attention with image, but rather with quality and content.
Its case is slightly larger at 36.5 mm in diameter with the new guilloche dial featuring a sub-seconds at six. The refined design and choice of models has already made it one of the most coveted accessories. Apart from the six separate styles, the J12-365 is also available in a male and female version.