eleMMent palazzo Superior

The most luxurious RV in the world – The eleMMent palazzo

The eleMMent palazzo Superior can be described as the most luxurious RV in the world. It is equipped with unbeatable technical innovation and ultra-comfort. The eleMMent palazzo Superior is the ultimate and absolute pinnacle of RV luxury, and a top-of-the-line model recognised in more than 190 countries as a byword for unsurpassed luxury. It is without a shadow of a doubt, the most outstanding motorhome you can find in 2019. The ultra-stylish and quality design speaks for itself and combines modern design features taken from the world of motorsports, of aviation and even yachting to create a spectacular and singular masterpiece.


The cab appearance is far ahead of its time, the craftsmanship is undisputed, and the manufacturing process follows extreme precision using the highest performance carbon fibre materials found on the market. The exterior design incorporates sporty lines and contours that magically and seamlessly craft a most beautiful and elegant design. The 36-inch rim covers resemble racing car wheels, while the cockpit sports a central digital instrumentation panel and MMI control centre inspired by jet plane cockpits. The cab is exceptionally comfortable akin to a luxury limousine ride.

There is a panoramic windscreen that can be darkened in two tones using an adjustable system as protection from the sun. The body emphasises a reliable and robust design across all the eleMMent series, and the outstanding functionality and comfort are standard. The self-supporting and sturdy frame structure has a thick 60mm wall that provides exceptional stability and superb insulation comparable to the expedition vehicles that are operated on extreme off-road conditions and terrains. The classy integrated yacht windows with beautiful chrome trim attract indirect lighting, and the impressive Sky Lounge is a real highlight of the eleMMent palazzo superior.

The system is reserved exclusively for the owner’s personal panoramic views, and lifts automatically up out of the body, thereby creating a walled-in roof deck effect. There is an exterior stairwell that leads directly up to the roof deck with perfectly integrated lounge furniture. The specially developed and patented air convection system will ensure a comfortable interior temperature, preventing excess pressurisation when sliding the full-wall room extensions outwards.


The floor plan and interior layout of the eleMMent palazzo superior disproves pre-existing stereotypes, and you get an original and convenient interior. Whichever options you choose, you are virtually assured of high quality and an exclusive RV experience.