Airbus H175 helicopter

The first VIP version of Airbus H175 helicopter worth $17.9 million

The medium-class twin-engine H175 helicopter manufactured by Airbus has been a popular choice with buyers for two years in its role as an offshore workhorse. Now, the company has debuted its VIP version – perfect for yacht owners who are looking for performance but don’t want to sacrifice comfort. The chopper will enter service in Europe, where it will be based on a yacht.

The first VIP version of Airbus H175 helicopter 02

The interior of the cabin is about 7 feet wide and 13 feet long. Created by Pegasus Design Рa company known for its work on business jets and super-yachts, it is modern, slick and luxurious. The cabin has two seating areas; four oversize club seats, and a divan accommodates three to four passengers toward the rear.  Fine leather and wood are generously used throughout to ensure passengers enjoy a one-of-a-kind flying experience. Plenty of windows provide panoramic views, and enhanced soundproofing allows for conversations to be carried out without headsets. The last feature being particularly convenient for millionaires looking to do some business in their spare time. Other special features are a three-step, electric-powered entry stair; hinged doors that substitute sliding panels; electronically dimmable windows; and mood lighting.

The first VIP version of Airbus H175 helicopter 03

A pair of powerful PT6 turbines by Pratt & Whitney Canada powers the H175. The cockpit can be managed by a single pilot in clear weather. Conditions with restricted visibility, however, require a crew of two. The pilots are supported by an advanced avionics system designed by Helionix, as well as a four-axis autopilot, and an auto-hover feature that automatically corrects for wind drift. These stat-of-the-art systems provide improved performance and safety. The aircraft can fly at speeds up to 184 mph over a total distance of up to 690 miles. Pricing for the VIP version starts at $17.9 million and production time takes a few months.