The limited-edition Wright Flyer watch from Bremont

Bremont has just unveiled the ultimate aviation watch – a time piece of outstanding quality and craftsmanship that makes a strong statement. Its one-of-a-kind built incorporates 1903 wright flyer materials, including its first proprietary movement.

wright flyer bremont watch The limited edition Wright Flyer is the ultimate aviation-inspired watch thanks to its mechanical precision, remarkable history and unique design. Bremont’s aviation heritage goes back to 1903 – the year when the Wright Brothers built and designed the in Dayton, Ohio. This partnership with the famous aviation family has led to the creation of iconic limited edition watches, incorporating genuine historic artefacts, which makes it possible for clients to own a piece of history. Unveiled inJuly 2014 at the Science Museum in London, the Limited Edition Bremont Wright Flyer boasts original fabric from the 1903 Wright Flyer aircraft as well as the BWC/01 – Bremont’s very first proprietary movement.

The watch exhibits a 25 jewel, 33.4mm movement with a 50+ hour power reserve, Glucydur balance and a hairspring that is adjusted with a micro-metric screw. This makes the piece extremely precise and robust in addition to being one of the most elegant beautifully-finished watches ever made – a ‘a suitable choice for the Wright brothers’ legacy.’

wright flyer bremont watch

The special aviation-inspired watch is a masterful combination of the invaluable muslin used to cover the 1903 Wright Flyer and Bremont’s new BWC/01 movement. The series features three stunning models – the Rose Gold White Gold and Stainless Steel, starting at £17,950. All pieces boast a highly efficient double reverser bi-directional winding mechanism and a sapphire crystal window. The case can be made in a variety of materials – polished stainless steel, rose gold or white gold. All of these feature Bremont’s Trip-Tick® case construction with integrated decoration ring with a 43mm case diameter. On the back all cases have engravings with the specific limited edition serial number. An alligator strap completes the elegant design of the case and makes this timepiece as remarkable as it should be for the legacy it continues.