McLaren 570S Coupe

The new McLaren 570S Coupé

The British company has just debuted the 570S Coupé, the first of its Sports Series cars with a lot of potential and optimized handling characteristics to make it the most accessible sports car on the market. This is another high-flying model with spectacular driving dynamics released under the McLaren name in the last years that stands out with pioneering technology and sleek design to fill segment of the market that doesn’t see too many of those sports car configurations.

McLaren 570S

The new Sports Series is the logical successor of the Super Series and Ultimate Series, albeit slight changes put it in a league of its own. Power is delivered through a seven-speed SSG transmission and it has about 30% of components that are unique to the Sports Series. The car is powered by a M838TE twin-turbo V8 engine capable of producing 570PS (562bhp) and 600Nm (442lb ft). It is fitted with standard carbon ceramic brakes and boasts a newly developed suspension system that allows for three separate handling modes – ‘Normal’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Track’.

McLaren 570S

The heart of the 570S Coupé is the unique carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis, which is strong and sturdy while remaining surprisingly weightless. It offers the best level of protection without affecting performance. This combination of minimized weight and a turbocharged engine allows the new model to exhibit better fuel efficiency as well as response times.

Its aerodynamically-optimized design includes the iconic dihedral doors, but with a modern three-dimensional form. There is a great variety for interior customization, although the basic package of functionalities is pretty impressive. The 570S full infotainment system includes climate control, a seven-inch IRIS touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity and DAB digital or SIRIUS satellite radio.

McLaren 570S

McLaren designers have designed the interior specification with colours and materials that complement the exterior paint colour. The base price for the 570S Coupé has been announced at $187,400.

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