Time has never been classier

New materials are always changing the way timepieces are worn and the statement that they make. With phosphorescence becoming more and more prevalent in everything from clothes to accessories and even cars this Spring it’s no wonder that the new de Grisogono Tondo by Night (priced at £7,200) follows the trend closely.

With its intricately illuminated diamond dials it creates a staggering glow effect in the dark – one that is sure to raise quite a few eyebrows. In addition it boasts the remarkable pearly photoluminescent composite fibreglass technology, where the addition of minute particles of mother-of-pearl enhances the inherent luminosity. It comes in a variety of eye-catching colours and is fully customizable for a nice personal touch.

The contemporary watch is lighter, stronger and exhibits considerably less friction and improve efficiency thanks to the state-of-the-art materials used in its making. The piece is water-resistant and can withstand depth of up to 30m. Illuminated from the inside, the sophisticated movement has been intricately developed to display a gem-set oscillating rotor on the dial. The innovative PLF (photoluminescent composite fibreglass) technology allows for a longer, brighter glow – day and night.

With its signature neon bright and cool exterior, the Tondo by Night collection boasts remarkable craftsmanship in addition to its sleek design and luxurious execution. All in all – the ultimate in contemporary accessories.