Wally One

In my entry about the J-Craft I stated that I would have a hard time choosing between that and a Wally Tender. Wally is a Monaco based company, which led me to quite a few doubts whether or not the Monegasques can produce something of quality.

My family has had a Wally tender in Croatia for the last three years and I’ve spent quite a few hours behind the rudder. I don’t have too much experience with power boats, this however is a dream to pilot. When time came for Wally to update their tender, the Wally one was presented.

Wally’s founder and president Luca Bassani Antivari said “Wally One is an exercise in giving our customers more for less – more performance, technology and comfort with less overall length, consumption and cost. It has been designed as more of a day boat than its predecessor with flexible seating, increased sunbed space and a host of modern conveniences.”

You still get the impressive 42 feet long hull and power to match (630 bhp from dual Yanmar engines) but at a cheaper price than it’s predecessor. The Tender with dual V8:s that delivers 820 bhp started at 875.000 euro, performance that is match by the just as big, 300.000 euro cheaper Wally One.

Get this over the J-Craft torpedo and you will get more speed, better fuel consumption and still have money to spare for watches and champagne.

Author: O.E.W