What if a yacht could fly

What if a yacht could fly?

The Lineage 1000E is the largest aircraft in Embraer Executive Jets collection. Embraer Executive Jets has teamed with SottoDesign Studios to develop an ultra-custom interior design theme, especially for customers who seek a level of luxury and refinement that has been reserved only for the most amazing yachts. The inspiration for the Skyacht One comes from a custom commission yacht called the Thunderbird, built by master boat builder John Hacker in 1939 for George Wittell.

SottoStudios, a design firm, was formed by Senior Disney “Imagineer” Eddie Sotto to extend the limits of what he learned from the artists that worked with Walt Disney. “So what if a yacht could fly?” Sotto asks. “Why should hand-made luxury only exist on your wrist, in an exotic car or on a yacht? With Skyacht™ One, ‘wow’ happens every time you see or touch something.”

The Skyacht One is based on Embraer Executive Jets’ Lineage 1000E, a luxury jet with a range of 4,600 nautical miles. Navigation is the theme of Skyacht One as following the stars led both ships and planes. A planetary Clock lies embedded in a marquetry mural is inspired by the 15th Century Ducal Palace’s Studiolo of Italy and the bulkhead walls are planked and pegged as on a yacht. The main cabin features the Chesterfield Sofa and the Cocktail Bar. 14th Century Star maps were the inspiration for the silk Cellarius Carpeting. Skyacht One’s Master Bath consists even more impressive things. There are ”throttle” inspired faucet with a lit gauge that controls temperature over a walnut and gold sink, and a wonderful bronze mirror.

“Dream it! Do it!” – Imagineering President Marty Sklar

Inside the jet